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Brela Info Portal

Welcome to Brela Info Portal!

On this page we will try to give you information about one of the most beautiful places on Adriatic coast - Brela. Visitors will be informed on a regular basis on news and events from ​​Brela area. Also we will help you in finding proper private accommodation.

Brela is surrounded by the longest and loveliest coastline in Dalmatia. Six kilometres of pebble beaches curve around coves thickly forested with pine trees. A shady promenade winds around the coves.

We hope that you will find out the reason why guests always come back.

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What to see

We invite you to visit beautiful places in Brela, sites of cultural and natural heritage of our thousand years old place, the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic ...

The Bijanković pine

This was one of the most beautiful and most famous pines in Brela. It grew from a stone, and was more than 300 years old when it was destroyed due to carelessness during the construction of the Soline hotel. A man in love with Brela would often sit under its rich foliage and meditate, this was Makarska Bishop, Nikola Bijanković (1645-1730) to whom Brela and its inhabitants are indebted for a number of reasons. A new pine has since been planted  in his honour in the same place and one of the streets in Brela also received his name. In 1715, after the victory against the Ottomans near Sinj, he built a church in Brela, dedicating it to Our Lady of Victory (the current Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel).