MaFest 2012 - Makarska comics festival, 2012/05/15


MaFest 2012 - Makarska comics festival


The greatest and most famous festival of The Ninth Art in the region - MaFest - will take place in Makarska from 21st to 27th of May.

This year we proudly emphasize that it will be the best festival ever, and the special guests (twelve of them!) are (in alphabetical order):
Moreno Burattini, Stefano Casini, Sylvain Cordurié, Mirko Čolak, Pasquale Frisenda, Igor Kordej, Vladimir Krstić Laci, Tomaž Lavrič, Nicola Mari, Renato Queirolo, Jean Van Hamme and Marco Verni.

Apart from the main crew, in Makarska are arriving more than fifty other comics authors, both artists and writers, all evidence that MaFest became the most important event of its kind in the region, and also one of the largest in Europe.

Moreover, this year all visitors expect many forums and classes that will handle various comic spheres. For example, on one of them is hosted one of the world's best colorist Matt Hollingsworth, the second will be devoted to comic book "Invisible Stories," which talks about the problems that face disabled persons; third, since the connection between rock music and MaFest dates from the first day, focus will be on the rock scene of town Rijeka, in the fourth and fifth speakers will be Csaba Kopeczky and CB Cebulski, two world-famous talent scouts, sixth is collaboration of Vjekoslav Đaniš and Alem Ćurin and so on and so forth… Of course, all the main guests will have their own independent presentation which means that their number will increase this year to more than twenty!

Furthermore, this year is for the second time organized a competition for all primary school children from Makarska Riviera and town Vrgorac; besides them additional workshops will be organized for children of preschool age.

Exhibition of original works of all the festival guests is constant part of MaFest, just as charity auction and many rock concerts.

Total number of posters of 7th MaFest is 8 (for the six festivals so far are made 30 posters!); with Makarska as a motive and background are drawn some of the most famous comics characters like Sherlock Holmes, Punisher, Zagor, Dylan Dog, etc.